Thursday, May 28, 2009

H1N1 in our school. Should I be worried?

I just got an email from the superintendent of our school district. 

Dear Parents/Guardians:

 We have just received word that the test results from the student who attended the religious retreat last weekend were positive for the H1N1 influenza.  As my email stated last evening, the ill student did not attend school this week.  We are happy to report that the student is feeling much better and is resting at home.  

Some students from the trip, who were not exhibiting any symptoms, did come to school on Tuesday morning, however they were sent home as soon as we were alerted of the possible exposure.  The rest of the students who were on the trip, along with their siblings, were kept out of school for 72 hours;  24 hours longer than the advised incubation period of 48 hours.  No other students from this trip have exhibited any symptoms and the incubation period was over on Tuesday.

 We are working in conjunction with the (local)Health Department and are following all of the tracking and precautionary measures advised by them and the State Health Department.  The number one advisory from both health departments is strict hand washing.  However, we do encourage parents/guardians to educate themselves about the H1N1 influenza and the best resource is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website,

(Our local) Public Schools (have) taken and will continue to take every step necessary to ensure the health and safety of its students and staff.  As always, a parent/guardian has the choice to keep their child home from school;  however, please be advised that regular attendance procedures apply.

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact your school nurse.




Superintendent of Schools

 I should probably, as the mother of an asthmatic child in the district, be more concerned...but I'm not. It's the flu. Its a weird summery flu that comes from pigs, but it's the flu. B's allergic to eggs and can't be vaccinated anyway, so it's really no greater risk than any other flu.

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Telephone Triage said...

If there is a problem we have to solve it together...if there is someone infected isolating that person has to be a responsibility done by the school and the parents and all of you to prevent the rest from getting it.