Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Everyday Health on Inhaled Steroids

Since posts on this topic are always catalysts for comments and lively discussion, I thought I'd share this one. Everyday Health answers this question:

"My son has been on steroids for asthma since he was 18 months old. He has been on Flovent since March 2006, one puff twice a day, 110 mg. He turned three on June 9, 2006. I have two questions: Are there any studies that show long-term effects of taking this steroid other than affecting growth? Could Flovent be causing him to be hyper? He is a very busy, active boy."

The answer, by an asthma specialist, might make you feel a little better about keeping your kids on Flovent or Pulmicort.

My take (as always): I hate the stuff as much as the rest of you, but it does tend to keep my kids out of the hospital. If helping them breathe means their a little more active and a little shorter...I'll take it!


Anonymous said...

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Jess King said...

Hello Aimee,

My five-month-old daughter, Evangelene (Ellie) was just diagnosed with asthma. I came across your blog as I was trying to research the implications of this diagnosis. She has been put on Xopenex and a steroid, both by nebulizer.

Have your boys had asthma since they were babies? My husband and I are worried that we won't recognize an asthma attack if we see one. Well, let's be honest, we're worried about EVERYTHING as first time parents... but do you have any words of wisdom for us?

Thank you,
Jess King