Monday, December 03, 2007

No RSV but...

We have a double ear infection!

Here's how it played out:
  1. Ig was fine by the time we go to the PP on Thursday.
  2. Oz was coughing like mad on Friday, so both of them were home and on nebs.
  3. Ig was tapered down and went back to just the albuterol MDI on Saturday.
  4. Oz was tapered down and went back to just the albuterol MDI on sunday.
  5. They both went back to daycare today, but both were meant to get albuterol at 12 and 4.
  6. Ig was SO happy to see me when I picked him up today, but then wouldn't stop crying when we got home...and wouldn't eat, either.
  7. I noticed fluid draining from BOTH ears (remember how he has tubes now?)
  8. I gave him Motrin and Floxin after paging the peds, and then I put him to bed.
Fortunately, Dad can work from home tomorrow. (I was home Thursday and Friday.)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
You and I are fighting the same fight, although my kids are a little older and both girls. (We even share the same first name, although I have the boring spelling.)

My 8 year-old asthmatic suffers from very bad sinus infections but no ear problems, while my 5 year-old highly allergic kid just runs with the ENT stuff constantly. (It would be too easy if they had the same symptoms, wouldn't it?)

Anyway, I've added you to my roll, and will be reading regularly. :)
It's always good to find another asthma mom.


Aimee said...

Thanks, Amy -- it's just as good for me to find another asthma parent.

Thanks so much for commenting!