Sunday, December 16, 2007

NJ's New Mandatory Vaccine: Mama's Angry All Over Again

It's not that I'm against vaccines...I'm not. I think a lot of vaccines are necessary. Polio, for example. Mumps. Measles.

What I have a problem with is vaccinating kids for EVERYTHING. And worse yet, FORCING me to have my kids vaccinated for everything.

Let's give this some context. I'm the mother of a child on the autistic spectrum, as well as three asthmatic boys.

While there's no 100% ideal link between vaccines and autism, there is enough circumstantial evidence - and enough questions have arisen - to give me pause. For one thing, look at the rise in autism diagnoses in recent years. (And sorry - no, I don't believe it's all because of the new diagnostic criteria.)

First of all, why in the world was anything even remotely related to mercury used to bind any vaccines? And no, it's not in the MMR anymore - but is still in the flu vaccines. Seriously.

We'll recall any toy with lead-based paint on the outside chance our kid might chew on it, but we'll inject thimerosal directly into our kids' bloodstreams.

Can someone explain this to me?

Secondly, have you looked at the American vaccine schedule lately? 10 different vaccines before a child's first birthday. Does that seem a little extreme? The UK requires THREE.

But who has the bigger pharma lobby, I wonder?

This just drives me CRAZY.

Now New Jersey, my lovely home state, is requiring me to vaccinate my kids against the flu, as well other illnesses including whooping cough and meningitis.

But let's think back to last year. Anyone remember flu vaccine recalls? How abou the the year before. And hey - didn't Merck just recall the Hib vaccine?

At the end of the day, here's how I feel.
  • I will absolutely vaccinate my kids for diseases that pose a dire risk to them and to the public -- Measles, Polio, etc.
  • I will not vaccinate my children with predictive vaccines that may or may not be safe or carefully tested.
  • I will not allow my children to be injected with vaccines bound with thimerasol.
  • I do not think it's necessary to vaccinate my children for non-life-threatening illnesses they're perfectly capable of fighting on their own, like chicken pox.
  • I protest the compulsory vaccination of 9-year-old girls for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • I DEMAND that vaccinations not be mandatory because pharmaceutical companies have enough money and power to lobby to make it so.

I'm tired, and this may or may not make sense...honestly, I'm not a freak, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm the mom of a child with an autistic spectrum disorder, of three asthmatic boys, who has a LOT of dangerous questions.


Anonymous said...

totally agree with you!! I'm in NJ too, and this is outrageous!

PharmDK said...

Just passing by and wanted to drop ya a line. Great site, keep up the good work. We agree on the vaccination issue. Most medical professionals will confirm your opinions about not taking anything into your body that doesn't belong there. The imput of any chemical into your body that doesn't belong there is poison, plain and simple. I disagree with your opinion of thimerosal. Several studies show a negative correlation with thimerosal and autism. A free article can be found here if you are interested.
Avoiding thimerosal is a good idea, don't get me wrong but I feel its not the cause of the autism increase we've seen.

Freadom said...

You are not alone in your thinking. My wife did tons of research on this, and what you write is almost verbatum what she told me. The doc wanted to give 10 shots to our 4 YO and, well, we politely declined everything but the flu shot.

Aimee said...

Thanks, all - appreciate your contributions to the discussion.

PharmDK - I'll be reading that article, but I'm not currently convinced that there's no link between thimerosal and autism. Mercury is mercury.

I'm open-minded though, and I will keep reading.

ligia36 said...

Hello Angry Asthma Mama,

I have not done much research on vaccines yet, I've only started doing my homework on that a few months ago, I have a 6 and a 8 year old and I should probably prepare my battle as I intend to refuse any vaccination from now on for my boys.
What I wanted to ask you is not related to vaccines, but to your three boys who have asthma. Have you ever read the book "Your body's many cries for water"? If not, you should, look it up on and read the reviews. There is an interesting view on asthma and a corelation between water and salt intake. All I can tell you is that it works, my older one used to wake up with an allergic cough, two times in a row I went and gave him a cup of water, put salt on his tongue and gave him some more water, the cough was gone, literally, in 5 minutes. You need to read that book, I put that book next to the bible. Have questions, email me at, I can lend you the book if we happen to live close by.
Take care,
alb, NJ

Anonymous said...

I am a NJ Mom of one asthmatic son that just turned 8. He has been using a nebulizer since he was 12 months old! I totally agree with you about the vaccines. My 6 year old daughter has exercise induced asthma also. But WHY do SO MANY kids have asthma? Back in my parent's day it was unheard of!!! It makes me think about all the vaccinations. You want to protect your baby when he/she is born and do the best for them and actually trust their doctor. But NO MORE!!!!! I am refusing all and any unnecessary vacinations. Anytime I questioned my doc before shots, they would say, "the chance of any complications vs the illness far outweighs the risk. My son has ADD also. It makes me angry and wonder if I did what was right for my kids.