Monday, November 20, 2006

Oz is OK

The pediatric pulmonologist tells me I'm as good as an ER. When Oz was having a flare this morning -- so much coughing he couldn't even speak -- I started doing nebs every two hours. I alternated Xopenex and DuoNeb and called her office for backup.

By the time we got to her office at 2:30, he was hardly coughing anymore. By the time we left, he was singing in the car all the way home.

Still doing nebs every 2-3 hours today, and we'll reduce to every 3-4 tomorrow.

But first, we'll see how tonight goes.

BTW, did I mention I've barely seen my office in the last week? I've been working from home since Iggy got sick last Monday. Only *slightly* stir crazy. :-)

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