Friday, September 15, 2006

Status Check: The boys this week

B -- fine, but due for allergy tests. He's had intermittent congestion (the nasty, green kind) and is breathing noisily at night, but nothing alarming. We're going to do the "real" allergy tests this time -- not just blood work. (Damn, gotta schedule that...) He's 5 now. It's time.

Oz -- He's 2-1/2 now, can you believe it? GORGEOUS, too. Anyway, he's coughing at night and has been for a few weeks. He's had a goopy, green nose on and off for 2-3 weeks now. He's also been up 2-3 times per night pretty much all summer. Now that I'm typing this out, I'm feeling pretty idiotic for not having taken him to the peds. pulmo already. I'll get right on that.

Iggy -- 9 months next week. He's getting so big so fast! (SOB!) He's had a cold or two, but overall, he's been doing great. I've stayed off shellfish and kept him off dairy, and we haven't seen hives since. We'll do allergy tests at his next checkup.

In other Iggy news -- still not sleeping through the night, so I'm up with him at 2, Oz at 4, and dragging through my days. It's painful. He is babbling like mad, sitting up on his own, and ready to crawl. He's very cute!!!

My predictions for our next PP visit: Bryn and Oz both go on Flovent 44. I'm also guessing that Bryn will, once again, not successfully complete a PFT.

We'll see, soon enough!!

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