Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pediatric Asthma is Just Weird Sometimes

Quick Update: Oz began a flare on Saturday -- just cranky and a little "off." He started coughing Sunday, and was coughing a lot on Monday. Monday night was a misery -- he woke up screaming because he couldn't stop coughing. Thank God we'd just gotten a lifetime supply of Xopenex from the mail-order Rx, and I'd already started DuoNeb.

I called and checked on him in daycare yesterday repeatedly, even though he'd been okay during the day -- just rough from late afternoon through early AM. But I was ready to pick him up if need be, and I'd left instructions to give him albuterol twice during the day.

I called the peds. pulmonologist yesterday just to give them a "heads up" and make sure I was taking action appropriately. I was sure I'd have to rush him over there this morning.

But, in typical asthma flare fashion, he was completely fine by the time I picked him up yesterday. Not a single cough the entire evening.

How weird is that? Monday night, he's coughing his head off. Tuesday night, nothing.

I'll taper off the rescue meds gradually, just to be safe!

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