Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Little B Goes to the Peds Neurologist

Just another quickie: We took #1 son per his Child Study Team, who suspected he might be on the autistic spectrum because of his arm-flapping and toe-walking.

The brief summary: The neurologist thinks they're all nuts. Apparently these things are "soft markers" for autism, he's completely fine, and the regimen of Physical and Occupational therapy he's currently getting through the school system is sufficient.

I think she was just glad we weren't looking for a prescription for Concerta or Ritalin! I think the docs around here are pretty sick of prescribing that stuff...

Anyway, we're still going to have to take him to another Neurologist, as the school system will be sending him to theirs, but needless to say...we're relieved and pretty optimistic!!

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