Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Coughing Syndrome"

Well, I talked to the nurse-practioner at our pulmonologist's office today, and she said there is a "syndrome" going around. Kids are hacking like mad for two weeks. Seems to be viral. They're treating a lot of their patients for this now, most of them NOT responding to albuterol.

She said if #1 son had a bad night tonight that I should call tomorrow and they'll slot him on Friday.

He's not coughing that much, although it sounds bad when he does. Really, just before bed and in the morning, and he is responding to albuterol. He looks better today, too. I'm not anticipating a bad night with him. (Famous last words, right?)

#2 son is doing much better with the pinkeye (I've posted about that, right?), but he was coughing a LOT last night. I gave him some Dimetapp, which dried the cough up but didn't stop it. Even though he's not officially RAD, the doc said I can give him a neb of Xopenex if he has another night like that.

**Confession: I could/should have given it to him last night, but I was so freaking tired that I just didn't. I'm a terrible mother. I PROMISE to do it tonight if he's coughing!

The news from the PP's office has me holding off on Omnicef, anyway, which the pediatrician wrote an RX for the other day, just in case. He'd been coughing for almost 10 days, maybe more, when we went in for the pinkeye on Monday.

I'm also wondering now if I shouldn't have the PP see #2 son. There've been so many times the ped has seen #1 and said his lungs were clear -- then next thing I know the PP has me taking him for a chest X-ray because he's "not moving air." I've learned that peds. asthma is so subtle sometimes, regular peds. who aren't specially trained miss the wheezing or lack or movement.

Of course, I could just be amazingly paranoid. There's always that possibility, right?

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