Monday, October 24, 2005

#2 Goes to the Pulmonologist; #1 Starts Coughing Again.

As mentioned, took #2 son to the peds. pulmonologist today. He was diagnosed with mild Reactive Airways Disease. No big surprise there!

She gave us an action plan and recommended daily Pulmicort. I opted to hold off for a bit...I don't think we really need it yet. But we've got RXs for albuterol & Xopenex, and she gave us spacers and neb stuff for now, until the cough clears up. (It's much looser and better now.)

We had a chest Xray, too...but we haven't gotten the results yet. I suspect they're clear - although I wouldn't have said that a few days ago.

I just realized that she didn't take his sats. Wonder why...?

I'm so relieved that we have that diagnosis now. It's comforting to know we can page the PP if he ever has a cough like that again! Just having an action plan is comforting. When you have a sick kid, nothing feels better than knowing you're able to give them the care they need. It's all you want, as a parent.

On the other hand, #1 son was coughing again this morning. Nothing new there...same old junky cough we hear three times in the morning and twice at night.

Only we heard it about 10 times tonight. And he was sniffling today. And he was coughing REALLY hard at bedtime.

I gave him Dimetapp and albuterol before bed, and that seems to have helped.

I only pray that we'll get a break this time....! I don't want him to be sick again. And I don't want to have get up three times a night to neb, either!!

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