Thursday, September 15, 2005

Separation Anxiety Nightmare

Not much to do with asthma here, but I have to share this....

Little B, who just turned 4, has been going through THE WORST separation anxiety phase over the last few weeks. I mean, hysterically screaming and clinging to my leg every morning when I drop him off. It's been a total nightmare! Each day when I drop him off, I'm scared to death he's going to trigger an attack, because he has had his worst attacks after night terrors. And the hysteria's pretty similar.

Meanwhile, his 17-month-old brother actually toddles down the hall to his classroom practically by himself each morning, and barely says goodbye!

At first I thought this started because he had an attack coming on. Now I'm not sure if there's an underlying school-related problem (his teachers assure me it's not, and he's had no specific complaints) or if it's somehow related to my pregnancy. We did go through something similar with my last pregnancy, when he was two, and he does seem to be going through some weird oedipal phase right now.

I just can't wait till this is over. Or we find out what's REALLY going on.


Anonymous said...
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Cheryl said...

Hi. I just stopped by to say, buy something from me because this is a very legitimate way of marketing and you should naturally trust your financial concerns to me because I posted an anonymous comment on your blog.

Sheesh, does this stuff really work? Anyway, just wanted to commiserate. You don't want to let your kid's tantrums or whatever rule you, but you are in total fear of them triggering an attack. We go through this whenever Chas decides he doesn't want to go to bed. Give in and teach him that he can get his way by crying or stand firm and fear that he'll have a bad attack? One more reason to hate asthma that parents of kids without asthma simply don't understand.

Eddie woke up with a terrible cold. So Chas will have it in 24 hours or so. So we will be on edge for the next week. Sigh. Only a parent of a kid with asthma understands how scary a cold is.