Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Diary of a Paranoid Asthma Mom

Ugh. In my constantly paranoid state, I was convinced that #2 son was breathing too shallowly. He'd had mild cold symptoms for a few days with a slight cough. And I thought his breathing was little shallow and a little fast.

I watched him for a few days, and worried a lot.

Then, Monday, I couldn't bear it anymore. I called the doctor at lunch and scheduled an appointment.

And of course, he's fine. He's not wheezing. I'm crazy.

Does anyone else do this? Do we all make ourselves nuts with worry?

Bear in mind, this time last year, this little boy was coughing til he vomited a few times a week. The doctors said it was reflux, but I'm still not convinced. Especially when he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis the same season.

So I may be crazy, but at least I have a reason to be. (Does that even make sense??)

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meg said...

my son also used to cough, then vomit, there is a connection with reflux and asthma, you may want to look into, i saw a ped pulm and ped gi. also it can be a post nasal drip which causes the coughs, and he had phelgm in the am esp with spring/fall allergie season. it was a hard road and alot of drs and questions for them. but i believe he is now on the right meds and under control.

he takes flovent/and pepcid ac, 10mg in the am. also was on singulair 1 day. dont feel bad, i still worry if he is correctly dx. but you have to observe patterns and try different meds and drs if you must, get 2nd opinion.

there is also "variant cough asthma" which is something to ask you dr about. kids vomit instead of wheeze . good luck