Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Symptoms Again - Waiting it Out

It's ever-so-subtle, but the Asthma Mom learns to be sensitive to the onset of an attack even at its earliest stages. We're like lionesses in the savannah, listening to prey rustling in the grass half a mile away. I swear, we're just that attuned.

Little B started coughing again just before the holiday. Not a lot, just 2 or three times a day, very early in the morning or around bedtime. It's a little bit "junky" sounding, but not too bad. But it's there. It's a cough.

And over the weekend, he was uncharasterically whiney and clingy. He's usually not an annoying kid, which really, is saying a lot for a preschooler! But really, he's generally an easy going, sweet boy. While he certainly *can* be a little annoying atg times, he usually doesn't get on my nerves the way he did over the past few days.

Now granted. That could be me. I'm wrapping up the first trimester of this surprise pregnancy, and let's just say it's not making the most graceful exit.

So yes, it could have been my dramatically reduced patience, but I think a lot of it was him. Add to that the fact that I found him in bed, under the covers at 11:00 in the morning on Saturday (this from The Boy Who Would Not Nap), and I'd wager that he's not feeling well.

We'll wait and see. We lionnesses have a fair amount of patience (especially in the second trimester).

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