Monday, January 03, 2005

Holiday Update

So, while other families are sending out their annual Yuletide Newsletter, I'm sending you, my dear readers (and it actually looks like I have some!) my AngryAsthmaMama Holiday Rant -- er, Update:

1. Number One Son has a sinus infection "everywhere." That is, every sinus in his tiny three-year-old head in infected. So we've extended his current course of Amoxicillan (prescribed for the Strep) from 10 days to 20. Then, he'll probably get another CAT scan. If things haven't cleared up, he'll go onto a course of Clindamycin (yes, the same stuff they use topically to treat acne). Can't wait to see what that does to his bum.

2. Number Two Son finished his antibiotics just before New Year's. All seemed to be well, but once we got home from our holiday trip to Canada, he got all "snuffly" again. And he seems to only have congestion and coughing at night. Go figure.

3. Number One Son was looking so well -- until New Year's Eve, when he suddenly went all flushed. His cheeks developed these queer little red circles, almost like a cartoon elf or something. This freaked me out mightily, as the *only* other time I've seen those weird Raggedy-Andy cheeks was when he had pneumonia last year. While he felt a little warm that evening, he doesn't seem to be running a fever. But he hasn't looked well since. He's been looking very pale and wan, and he went all flushed again last night.

In a typical maternal fashion, I blame myself for the kids being less than 100% right now. We spent the week with the in-laws, just outside of Toronto. It should have been a fun, relaxing week with their grandparents. And mostly, it was. But of course, we had to drag them out 1. for lunch Tuesday *and* Wednesday; 2. for dinner at a cousin's house Thursday (late!) 3. for a New Year's party on Friday (another late night!). Gosh, I feel like a terrible parent just typing all that out. Especially when you add the 9-hour drive home on Saturday.

Way to go, running the kids down during flu season. Why don't I just let them hang out in wet clothes in the freezing cold, while I'm at it?

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