Monday, December 13, 2004

Quick update on the baby....

Okay, with respect to last week's post, the baby has....Acid Reflux. That right. Baby Awstin has joined the masses of infants on a daily dose of Zantac. Is that bizarre, or what?

In conjunction with his new meds, he's now being fed smaller meals more frequently. And, since I'm still nursing, I've had to go on a low-acid diet, complete with (GASP) reduced coffee intake. I was at two cups, maybe three a day max - perfectly within the limits recommended by La Leche League, mind you - but I've cut it down to one small cup a day. Barely enough to satisfy my cravings for my dark aromatic lover, yet still enough to keep the withdrawal migraines at bay.

While the Zantac will take another week or so to kick in, the baby has been vomiting less. He's still coughing a lot at night,, in my eyes, it remains to be seen whether or not this is really Reactive Airway.

But I'll give it the full two weeks. I may be paranoid, but at least I'm patient. Occasionally rational, even.

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