Thursday, August 26, 2004

New year, new asthma?

I just got off the phone with Pat, the head nurse for our pulmonologist. As I was talking to her, it occured to me -- Bryn (thank goodness) hasn't really been sick since he had pneumonia this winter. I haven't had to treat a serious attack since then.

But since the winter, he's become a different boy. Suddenly, he can articulate his thoughts and feelings (to some extent, anyway), he's potty-trained, he's just more mature.

So a lot of the signs I associate with his attacks aren't necessarily valid anymore. He may not open and close doors the way he used to. He never did wheeze. He may not even act as cranky as he did with previous attacks. So how will I know when an attack is brewing?

Pat recommends plotting things on a calendar: he was pale today; he coughed three times; he didn't eat; he was cranky. Next day: Ate breakfast; cranky before bed; coughed once.

Etc., Etc.

Not a bad idea. It does all sort of go mish-mashy in my brain after a while. I know he's had mild cold symptoms since last Wednesday, but was he cranky? I remember that he barely ate all weekend, but I can't remember how his cough sounded.

So...plotting it on a calendar seems the way to go. Guess I'll have to start acting a little more "Type A" now.

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