Friday, October 19, 2012

Symbicort Question for YOU!

You probably don't know this, but I moved to Canada recently. That's a long story for another day. But the relevant part is, since I'm the only one in the family who isn't Canadian, I have no health coverage here. And, of course, asthma season is upon us.

The past few days, every I time I inhale after 6:00pm, I feel like I'm going to cough. For me, this means one of my lovely bronchitis-like flares is coming on. Since, un-medicated, these typically last for 3 months, I though I'd be proactive. But the only medication I have on hand is Symbicort.
The nice kind of thrush

So Symbicort works well to keep my asthma controlled, but OMG - the side effects!! I get thrush like no one gets thrush! So gross! I will have laryngitis within days (and I sing, did you know that?) and worse, worst of all, I will get thrush in, you know, that other place thrush can occur. And it's so awful and painful that I can't even think about it.

But, hey - my cough will be controlled!

I'm going to try like hell to have my parents send some Qvar up here, but until then...I'm begging you all... how can I take Symbicort and NOT get thrush? I gargle for days and rinse 1000 times, but nothing seems to work. Is there some trick I'm missing? Drinking raw cranberry juice? Eating Greek yogurt while standing on my head?

Please...your advice!


My Life as an Asthma Mom said...

We have struggled with this off and on for years. I have asthma, as well as all 3 of my children. We are all on multiple medications. I take my Advair in the morning, rinse my mouth out, then immediately eat breakfast, then brush my teeth. I've had thrush once or twice over the years, but this routine seems to work for me. I hope you find something that works for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read your blog, i live in the UK. A couple of months ago a friend of our gave us a Glass disk as a present. He told us that it was pretty expensive but a complimentary health product, we've been using it withs our food and water since. However on monday 5th November (Guy Falks night in the UK when lots of fireworks go off all evening) my asthma set in like it always does on this day every year, and every year I would have to go to the emergency department to get treated with nebuliser and steroids. On this occassion i picked up this disk and held it to my chest and within a few minutes my coughing subsided and chest tightness decreased. My husband called my friend and he said there was a light box he had which he would bring round and that would intensify the effects of the disk. So the disk was clipped into the lightbox and and I held it to my chest for a further 15 mins. I couldnt beleive the results, the coughing and chest tightness subsided completely. I have repeated the treatment each evening since monday and the my asthma is about 90% better than before. I have not taken any inhaler since monday, other than my Pulmicort (1 puff morning and 1 puff evening). If you would like more details the product is called the Amezcua Bio Disk 2 and Biolight if you want to find out how to buy it please email me on
Wishing you Well X Ruby Balrai (UK)