Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Xopenex Comment - "It makes my daughter sad all the time!"

Just wanted to address the comment that came in from a mom who's daughter cries all the time since starting on Xopenex....

I'm sorry I didn't mention it sooner, but please call your doctor about this! Meds shouldn't change our kids' personalities!!  Ask your doctor for a suitable substitute for rescue meds. Sometimes a different brand of albuterol or levalbuterol can make a difference - but definitely ask your practitioner.

I hope this helps! I know it's a simple response, but it's really the only answer!

I hope you're able to resolve this soon, and that your little girl is back to her happy little self in no time!


lil D from big D said...

Well my children, now teens, were switched from Albuterol in their neblzr to Xopenex. The co-pay was higher, and I delt with that. They have not had to use the machine for a very long time, but now because of this crazy 2011 weather, they are both starting to have trouble again! Anyway, we ran out of Xopenex and I asked for a new prescription only to find out that insurance doesn't cover it anymore. 4 boxes retail $668.00!! So I guess most people don't have a choice between the 2 anymore!

40 over 20 said...

So glad I found your blog! I have a 4 year old daughter that has virus induced asthma. She is seeing a pediatric pulmonologist and is currently on Flovent (44) 2x a day. My problem/question is that the pediatric pulmonologist we are seeing (rated one of the best in NYC) is so quick to use Orapred no matter how slight the situation. I am curious how often you turn to using an oral steroid - or do you just use the daily inhaled meds and albuterol, etc...? I am struggling with the thought that maybe we need to seek out a new pediatric pulmonologist. I know oral steroids are no joke and after doing some of my own research online I am finding out that they should only be used in acute situations. Any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks! Kim (I would have emailed but I dont see a link)

Aimee said...

Hi, Kim -

So...our PP always had us keep Orapred in the fridge, but we only used it in the most dire situations.

Of my boys, Oz is the only one still severe enough to require daily meds. He's now on the Flovent 100 discus 2x daily. When we recognize that he's getting a cold or strep (also his biggest triggers) we put him up to the Flovent 250 and start an albuterol MDI. If the cough gets bad, we start nebs (albuterol and/or DuoNeb, which is stronger). If he's really, really sick, and he's not able to make the three hours between nebs without hacking up a lung - or if he's just clearly very sick - we'll start oral steroids.

I should add that Oz has been on orals no more that 3 times in his life (and maybe only twice) and that both prescriptions were preceded by chest X-rays.

If you're uncomfortable with your doctor's affinity for orals, definitely find another doctor and get a second opinion. We always did! As a mom, you really do have to trust your gut.

I'll track down your email and send you a few docs I like, since you're local.

Hope this helps!!

BTW - for those who aren't familiar, here's some info on oral steroids:


40 over 20 said...

My husband and I are very very green to the whole process. We are on a huge learning curve. You can email me from my 40/20 blog page. I would be so grateful if you could forward any info. Thank you!!