Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Students Face Health Risks from Air Contamination | Environmental Working Group

Classroom asthma, Children's Asthma created by cleaning supplies | Environmental Working Group

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Found this while surfing ... thought my "Mom" readers, as well as any students, might find it helpful and interesting. I sure did.

We've been switching, slowly but surely, to green and safe cleaning product. Most of what we use is from Trader Joe's "Next to Godliness" line, and we've also tried and liked WowGreen and some other brands. (Call me wacky, but I just don't feel like I've really *cleaned* when I've used only vinegar. And it leaves my house smelling like a tossed salad.)

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this one!


Anonymous said...

I try to use green products as much as possible so as to reduce environmental impact, and since im not totally sure which(if any) chemicals will set my girl off. I recommend the "Method" line if you have a Target nearby, its a store brand but its their enivironmentally friendly one (and incidentally, one of a total of 3 laundry soaps i can use without breaking out), the other line I really like is "Seventh Generation", even their diapers are good which is really hard to find in environmentally friendly

Aimee said...

I *love* Seventh Generation diapers! Their pullups are great, too. Here's a tip: "subscribe" to them at Amazon Grocery, and they ship free, plus Amazon gives you a subscription discount, so they end up costing the same as store brand!

Edwin said...

It's fancy, granted, but when money's not tight I like using those Dr. Bronner's soaps - they're good for everything and all natural to boot.

Green Mama said...

Just found your blog, so glad I did! I recommend Shaklee cleaners. (Yes, I'm a rep, and I was raised on them, and the company is the greenest on the planet.) They'll save you a ton of money, and they've been around for 50+ years. Method, Mrs. Meyers, and some other "natural" brands still have 1,4 dioxane in them, which you want to avoid. Plus they're not concentrated, so you're chucking a lot of extra plastic in the landfill. Check out this article I just found today and be sure you click on the PDF to see the whole list of personal care & household products:

Best of luck!