Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have asthma.

I was diagnosed by a pulmonologist yesterday.

I think I caught it from my kids. ;-)


Kara Hadley said...

gosh, lady. you can't catch a break. i'm sorry. but look at it this way, now you know exactly how your children feel and can help them better when they're sick.
silver lining?

Aimee said...

Know what, Kara? There's so much more silver lining that that! I've spent the last three winters coughing until I gag (horrible, gross and embarrassing - esp. at work) and I am so psyched to have medication that will MAKE IT STOP!

So, crazy as it sounds, I'm actually happy to have a diagnosis. Just hope we're able to manage it with the meds I've got.

Best silver lining EVER: Doctor says he expects I'll stop coughing by Saturday. Yay!

Physician Answering Services said...

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Anonymous said...

Boswellia. Give it a try. Mention it to your Dr, while you are taking your meds.