Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I am in hell.

I have to vent like a big ol' whiner right now.

Today has been so miserable...there aren't even words.

Two sick boys: a four year old with a bad temper and a five year old with a bad attitude. Both feeling unwell enough to really highlight the worst of their personalities.

I've had Ig screaming and whining and carrying on all day. The whining and crying is enough to make me run  screaming into the freezing cold night.

And Oz, "Mr. Cool", just monopolizing the TV and complaining every time I let Ig watch Thomas the Tank Engine.

All this while I'm trying to hash out digital marketing strategies and analyze Google AdWords campaign reports. On a deadline.

I don't know whether to scream, cry, run or take a bubble bath.

The sad part is, Oz really is sick today. I feel bad for him (although he doesn't make it easy sometimes) and I want to take care of him. But Ig is making almost impossible! He's so jealous - I can't get near Oz without him  reacting. And then Oz reacts to THAT, and all hell breaks loose all over again.

I know they're sick, and I'm doing my best to take care of them....but I'm allowed to rant every now and then, right?


Anonymous said...

I hope your week gets better. 4 and 5 year old little boys can just be murder on each other, but when they are both sick it is enough to want to check yourself into a quiet room someplace.lol Get that bubble bath when they are asleep and take care of yourself.


Aimee said...

deAnna, you're a pal. Thanks.

Just had a hot cocoa, caught up on some work, and I'm feeling better already. It's a different world after they've gone to bed.

Still have to make lunches and get my stuff ready for my big meeting tomorrow, though... no rest for the wicked, right?

Anonymous said...

I belive it allways help by saying a pray where they all can hear you.I have my grandchildren pray. I was surprise they started to pray at the dinner table.It was a simple prayer Lord thank you for everything we have and that we be well.amen I ask this in the name of Jesus.I have 6 children now tey all are grown.I would call on family to help when they would get sick.

Aimee said...

Thanks for the comment. A little prayer can always help!

cars said...

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for taking the time to write your posts. I'm a mother of two kids, 6 and 7. My 6 year old son has asthma, and this has been a tough year. Last year we got through the cold season with hardly any problems. This year we're on our second round of Orapred. It just breaks my heart when I hear him cough.... He's on Flovent, which I'm not sure is doing much. I thought we wouldn't get to this point, given that he's been on Flovent for a while. But here we are again ... nebulizer, Zithromax to prevent pnemonia (sp?), Orapred for 4 days .... at least reading your posts make me realize i'm not alone. It's a miserable place to be, mom of a sick kid.

Aimee said...

Hang in there, girlfriend - we're all here in the boat with you!