Sunday, November 29, 2009

One flare; one mystery symptom

Just wanted to update y'all -

Oz had a minor flare last Tuesday and Wednesday - nothing we couldn't manage with a little DuoNeb. I was a little nervous that he might miss his Thanksgiving play...but he was through the flare by Wednesday afternoon.

I don't think we're 100% out of the woods...there was a lot of sniffling today, all of a sudden. But I don't see a trip to the ER in the near future, either.

Ig's going to the doctor tomorrow. He's had these very red eyes since Friday. No discharge or crust or anything....just bloodshot eyes. How weird is that?

I've heard him cough a handful of times, and he may be a tiny bit congested, but the eyes are just odd.

Called the pediatrician today, and she suggested we give him some antihistamine, but I don't think it helped at all. She did ask if he was urinating, and I *think* he is...but truth be told, now that he's potty trained, I'm not sure how often he goes. He's not like Oz, who at 5.5, still announces each and every trip to the potty to the entire household.

So...maybe he isn't urinating as frequently. Anyone know what this might be a symptom of? It's so hard with Ig. With his communication skills so impaired, I don't even know if he *feels* sick.


Lisa said...

Hi! I'm in the process of trying to figure out if my toddler indeed as asthma. He has pet allergies and are getting tested for possible food allergies as well. My question is, how did you get the duo/neb? They used one on my son after a flare-up in the ER but I've spoken to two docs since who said this is not avail. by prescription? So we have the Atrovent and albuterol (which frankly does nothing for him, but make him hyper). So glad I found your blog Fellow Asthma Mama!

Aimee said...

Hi, Lisa - yes, DuoNeb is by prescription only and not typically prescribed to toddlers.

Have you asked your doc about Xopenex Many of us find that it's as effective as albuterol, but that the side effects are far less severe.

Most importantly - are you seeing a specialist? Either a pediatric pulmonologist or an asthma/allergy specialist?

lisa said...

I asked what was in the DuoNeb and they told me Albuterol and Atrovent, is that correct? I have a prescription for the Atrovent but we haven't tried it yet, that's good to know about the Xopenex, thank you. We have been seeing an asthma & allergy specialist for the past 6 months, that's where we had the skin test & discovered my son is allergic to dogs/cats/guinea pigs. This allergist has really just focused on the pet allergies aspect which is fine. But then my aunt recently suggested we go to a Ped Pulmonologist and I'm so glad we did! You're right, they just "get" it so much better. (I've given up on my pediatrican long ago when he dismissed us even getting allergy testing done). The PP spent an hour with us last week (more details on my blog) but basically thought we didn't need the Pulmacort and wants us to focus more his chronic nasal congestion/throat drainage/throat clearing cough and prescribed us Nasonex. Have you found this to be helpful? He said the research shows if you deal with the upper respiratory issues, it helps the lungs. So we are trying that now.

So glad I found your site! I was curious too, if there are any natural treatments you've heard of or tried. I had the herb Lobelia Inflate (Indian tobacco) recommended to me for acute asthma attacks as well as trying to cut out diary...we are just starting to research our options. Not sure what you think of any natural ways to go, or elimination diets to try.