Monday, February 11, 2008

Ig Again

On 1/21, I posted that Ig had Scarlet Fever.

On 2/7, he was diagnosed with Strep AGAIN! And he ruptured his eardrum - AGAIN. What kind of luck do this boy and I have? And is it luck, or is it just daycare?

He's been on antibiotics since Thursday, and I started nebs on Saturday because his cough just had that edge to it. It only took two nebs for the cough to all but disappear, but I'm keeping him on albuterol for a few more days to be safe.

On another, sunnier note....posted a new link in the side bar to The Shortest Blog in the World. If you need a good laugh (like I frequently do) check it out!


Maddy said...

It wasn't so long back that we seemed to be permanently in the doctors office.

Wishing him well soon.
Best wishes

Aimee said...

Thanks, Maddy!