Sunday, May 20, 2007

That was my 200th post.

Should I pop open the champagne?

Ig is sick AGAIN

Can you even believe this? Every two weeks this kid has something!! There's roseola going around boss must LOVE me. :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Two Off Flovent (Yea!); One on Orapred (Awwww!)

Good news: We went to the PP last Thursday and B and Ig are both of Flovent for the summer! In fact, B can even go off Singulair for the first time starting next month.

Bad news: B started developing Perioral Dermatitis again within a day of going off the steroids. Poor guy. I'm actually on hold with the dermatologist now. B is sooo bummed that the rash is back. He looks awful, and he knows it. So sad for a 5 year old to go through this!

More bad news: Not only is Oz still on the Flovent, he's on oral steroids right now, too. Saturday night, he had one of the worst attacks ever - it took two back-to-back nebs to quiet him down that afternoon. And three back-to-back to stop the coughing over night.

He's much better today, but still looking unwell and not eating. We're off the the PP in an hour.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Two on Albuterol

Quick update -- Ig has another ear infection, and I suspect he may have brochiolitis too. He's mouth-breathing and it sounds a little labored. He's happy, though. At least, he's happy til 4:00 AM.

Ozzy's just been off. Coughing since last week, lots of green goo, and yesterday, he complained that his chest hurt. That is, he said his tummy hurt, but he pointed to his chest.

Both are on albuterol. I'm tapering Oz down, since we seem to have gotten ahead of his flare. Ig's only 16 months old, though, so I'm taking him to the doctor in the AM. (Regular peds -- we see the pulmonologist on Thursday afternoon.)

Keep ya posted.