Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ig May Have RSV

Ig was up the last two nights, fussing and congested. He started coughing last night, and sound pretty bad this morning.

I brought him to daycare this morning, knowing that he probably wouldn't make it the whole day. He had no fever, but the cough was a little rough and
he just wasn't himself. He didn't eat breakfast, but he wasn't as congested as he'd been either. I really didn't know what to make of his state, but I had that feeling that he really was getting sick.

Last night, btw, he had me cracking up . He woke up at 3:00 AM (!) crying, calling for me to come get him. I didn't get him right away (3:00 AM, I remind you) so he came up with some GREAT lines to lure me in. Mind you, he's 23 months old now. Here's what I heard:
  • "Mom? Want up-up."
  • "Mom? Want up-up. 'Kay? Kay."
  • "Mom? Want juice."
  • "Mom? Want cheerios."
  • "Dad? Want juice."
  • "Mommy? I smell poopies."
That one got me.

Back to today...he woke up from nap at daycare with 101.9. I went and got him, and he looked SO BAD and sounded so awful that I took him straight to the peds.

The peds noticed he was retracting, but didn't hear anything concerning beyond his cough, which she called a "typical asthma cough." Ears were fine, throat was fine, etc.

She did mention that they've already seen some RSV, and recommended we keep the nebs up and DuoNeb if necessary. I told her we'd watch his resps, too, and she reminded me about hospitalization for RSV. (As if I'd forget staying at the peds hospital with #1 son for five days!)

Keep y'all posted....

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Anonymous said...

You need to read and get your kids on Zithromax long term antibiotic treatment. Asthma is an infection that is treatable .... took me 10 years to find this out with my son who is now 20. Good luck and don't take no for an answer on getting antibiotic therapy - read what Dr. Hahn in Wisconsin has been doing for years to treat asthma and don't assume it is not treatable because it is childhood asthma!