Monday, September 17, 2007

Up with Oz

I've got a feverish, wheezing little Oz at my side as I type. Poor guy. We'll be at the peds tomorrow morning for sure. :-(

Some quick updates -- if I haven't posted in a while, there are two good reasons. First, we were on vacation the last week in August. Second, B's started Kindergarten at the elementary school, and I am/we are all adjusting to the new routine.

By new routine, I'm referring to getting up at 5:45 AM, getting myself ready for work, getting B ready for school, Oz and Ig ready for daycare and getting everyone out the door by 7:40 every day. Then it's two drop-offs before work, a full day of marketing for four companies, two pickups, dinner (at the table, with everyone) baths, making lunch, and then maybe, if I'm lucky, 30 minutes on the treadmill before washing or folding laundry and going to bed.

Aren't you SO jealous of me???

As for that vacation, let's just say it was everyone ELSE'S vacation, because for me, it was just like every other day, only touger. We rented a cottage on a lake in northern Ontario. My husband found it online, and failed to notice that a) it had steps (and we had no gate) and b) the walk down to the lake was pretty steep!

Ig was a bear....I was carrying him around every second, pretty much. Between the steps everywhere and his seemingly unthwartable desire to walk into the *middle* of the lake, it didn't seem safe to put him down! He didn't sleep well, and when he finally went down for a nap every day, I took a well-needed break by running 2 miles down a secluded dirt road. Believe me, it was my only alternative to running into the woods and screaming!!! I love that baby, but MAN was he tough.

In his defense, it turned out he had Fifth Disease (Parvo virus) but honestly, I still think I had it rougher than he did!

One more thing about that cottage -- every square inch was either carpeted or upholstered. EVERYONE was coughing. B develped a phlegm-y, resonant cough before we left for vacation, and it only got worse while we were there. It didn't go away for weeks, and we finally had to put him on Singular again. :-( Anyway, at least he's still off the Flovent, right?

Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself -- back to poor Ozzy. He needs some snuggles, and isn't that what moms are for?


Roadrunner said...

hiya there, a book you would find interestin and maybe helpful is your bodies many cries for water, by, Dr Batmangelidge...Batman my neigthbour was diagnosed with asthma a few yrs ago, so i told her about how batman treats asthma IE water and if needed salt. i asked her to try 4 glasses of water before she drank anything else ie tea/coffee etc and give it a month. in 3 weeks her medication was dramatically reduced so it works and the book is well worth a read..Greg

Aimee said...

So, Greg...are you suggesting that they should drink more water?

Debbie Weil said...


You are nothing short of amazing!!

Aimee said...

Thanks, Debbie - not so bad yourself!!