Monday, June 04, 2007

Staying on Singulair

I think I've got three kids with sinus infections right now. B has been sniffling and coughing (goopy cough - not dry and/or tight) since he came off his Flovent three weeks ago. We were going to take him off the Singulair this summer, but I would say, with these symptoms...not bloody likely.

Also, I can't even TREAT the infection yet because he's still on Erythromycin (sp?) for the perioral dermatitis (rash) that he developed from the Flovent. We'll need to start Augmentin as soon as he's done with that three week course. Guess I'll be putting him on acidopholus then, too!!

Poor guy. I can barely treat the symptoms. He can't take Dimetapp because it knocks him out too much. And since he's such a heavy sleeper already, if I give it to him at bedtime, he will occasionally wet the bed -- which makes him sooooo sad.

I tried Claritin syrup, but it doesn't really help. Maybe we'll give Sudafed another shot. He's so low-energy anyway, might perk him up a bit. (Ah, I love jokes about drugging the kids.)

Meanwhile, Ig's on albuterol for a croupy-sounding cough, and Oz is just picking his nose a lot. :-)

Never a dull moment.

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