Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A note to my "regulars"

FYI...I apologize for the infrequency of posts lately, but I've been working my tail off at the office!! I've got our biggest trade show on 11/7, I've got two companies to look after there (we're launching a sister company at the show) and - oh, yeah - I'm seven months pregnant.

I'll be back in "full force" next week!

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Aisha said...

Hi. My name is Aisha. I hope all is well with your family! I just was wondering if you could give me some advice. My daughter is 14 months old. She was diagnosed with asthma about 3 months ago. She's been taking Flovent twice a day and nebulizer treatment every 4-6 hours for flare ups and Albuterol inhaler for emergencies. The last day or so her asthma has seemed to be getting worse, dispite the medicine, especially at night. Her sleep is constantly disturbed by her coughing. Is there anything I can do to ease her discomfort besides what the ped. has already recommended? And is there anything that I should say specifically to him when I call him tomorrow? Thank you and have a great day!!! :)