Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Adenoidectomy Scheduled

So...we're doin' it. Surgery's scheduled for Tuesday the 22nd. I'm not freaking out yet. But I am totally loathing seeing my baby under anesthesia. Did it last year when he had eye surgery, and it was just about the scariest damned thing I've ever seen. I don't recommend it.

Ideally, this surgery will mean fewer upper respiratory infections and hence, fewer asthma attacks (since Bryn's asthma is triggered almost exclusively by upper respiratory infections). My peds pulmologist admires my optimism.

I've read message board posts going both ways -- some have called the surgery a bona fide miracle, others have said it was a waste of a copay. I have to hope for the best. I don't take putting my son into surgery lightly.

We did find a doc who seems to be a highly regarded peds ENT. And he's doing the surgery at NJ Beth Israel, where he's head of Pediatrics (or just Peds Otolaryngology -- I forget) and where they have a peds. anesthesiologist on staff full time.

Y'know what? Maybe I am freaking out a little bit.

Anyway...they say he'll recover in 3-5 days, but he'll be home for two weeks. He's not allowed to run around at all, so I guess we'll be watching a lot of Thomas videos.

Poor kid. I just want to hear him pronounce his "m" and "n" sounds properly again. I've been "Bob" (instead of "Mom") since before Thanksgiving.

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