Sunday, November 28, 2004

Because once is never enough

Strike that last post about the poultry. When the baby puked up peaches and rice cereal, we realized poultry probably *wasn't* the problem. And when he spent the rest of the night coughing until the gagged, it seemed that something strangely familiar was happening.

A trip to the doctor Saturday morning left us with a prescription for Amoxicillan and the suggestion that it was probably a sinus infection...but it could be Reactive Airway. (Newbies: "Reactive Airway Disease" is the new noncommittal language pediatricians use to tell you your baby or toddler probably has asthma.)

As I've said: Strangely familiar.

After another Exorcist-esque episode and the realization that I had nothing on hand to relieve this violent cough, I paged the pediatrician again (I'm pretty fearless with the paging) to find out what the hell I should do until the Amox kicks in.

And she suggested my old friend, the nebulizer and some Albuterol.~ My turn to pull an Exorcist moment.

The good news/bad news finale to my story? The Albuterol (actually, Xopenex) worked like a dream. Fabulous that it worked so well -- he's a million times better.

And horrible that it worked so well. What we've basically got is a diagnostic test with positive results: the baby probably has asthma.

I'll be seeing my buddy the pulmonologist tomorrow to find out how dramatically I'm jumping to conclusions. But I think it's that mother's intuition. Sometimes we just know.

We'll see...

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