Monday, October 04, 2004

Whew. What a month.

So, naughty me...too long a lapse between posts again.

Meanwhile, Bryn's just (hopefully) recovering from what's essentially been a six-week long attack. Brutal. It started with mild cold symptoms that persisted for about two weeks. Dr. W and assumed this was another sinus infection, so we did another course of Augmentin.

...and no recovery. The slight cough he'd had became a bad cough, and his teachers reported coughing fits after exercise at school. That was new -- we'd never seen exercise-induced asthma before.

The cold symptoms disappeared, but the cough got worse during weeks 4-5, and he was often so short of breath, he couldn't get through a short sentence without 3-4 breaths.

So, we started doing DuoNeb or Combivent every eight hours, alternating with Albuterol. And when that didn't help too much, we started doing it twice as often.

Man! Can I tell you what it's like having a 3-year-old pumped up on Albuterol and Combivent? I should have just handed him a large (Venti, whatever...) Starbucks French Roast. The results probably would have been similar. The poor kid was so wired, he couldn't sit still. His teacher at preschool didn't know what to do with him. I just kept him as busy and active as I could.

Today, he's finally seeming a bit better, so I took him off the Combivent. That stuff's just EVIL. I know it works, but Lord Almighty -- I hope I never have to use it again (but I know I will). And Lord help us all if he's got to be on that and Orapred at the same time. It will be like living with the Tasmanian Devil!

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