Sunday, May 11, 2008

Unhappy Mothers Day

Where to start, with everything going on around here?

B is having an "off" day - getting frustrated easily, getting stuck in grooves that we can't quite pull him out of. There are days when the characteristic autistic behaviors are more apparent. This is definitely one of them.

Ozzy started Mother's Day with a time out -- how many time do I need to ask the kid to get dressed? How many???

(B is like a little timebomb at the dining room table right now. He's working on one of his mysterious projects, and he's either going to throw it down and rip it to shreds - or burst into tears. I keep hearing say, "I hate paper. I hate it!" I'm watching him, ready to help or hug when needed.)

Ozzy, by the way, had a BRUTAL asthma attack last Sunday. DuoNeb was only holding him for an hour at a time, and when it wore off, he'd cough until he gagged or vomited. It was horrible, and we had to put him on orals for two days.

Ig, last but not least, was diagnosed with his 50,000th ear infection, we had to put him on Omnicef and schedule surgery for new tubes and adenoid removal.

Within two days of starting the antibioitics, he broke out in a flat, lacy rash for which I promptly called the peds. After three days on Omnicef, they told me his ears were clear and took him off the stuff. That was Tuesday.

Today, he's pulling at his ears and running a low-grade fever. Are you surprised? needless to say, it's been a rough couple of weeks. All I wanted for Mother's Day was a nice diner breakfast and a trip to the zoo. I wanted to see my kids having fun, and I didn't want to have to yell at anyone. Not so much to ask, right.

Apparently it was. I had three out of four boys seriously grumpy. Dad, B and Ozzy were all cranky today. What a bummer! Thank goodness Iain was happy.

It's still early, so hopefully we'll make up for it on the playground later. I just want to have some fun with everyone before Ig's surgery on Thursday.

I'm going to take a little nap now - my Mother's Day present to me.

To the rest of you SuperMoms -- enjoy your day!